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I have never really questioned my sexuality, nor have I really taken the time to understand what it means to me and the implications that it might have as I go through life being myself. I knew I was gay from a very early age, and I ‘came out’ (a ghastly expression) when I was 23. I settled into a Civil Partnership when I was 43 and we have been together 20 years on the 19th December 2020. Over the years, we have travelled, both for work and for vacations, and on the whole, we have had no issues when it comes to our sexuality. In fact, a great deal of people seem to think we are twins (gasp, horror). However, one event did take place on a month long vacation to France, which ended up making me wonder how I could try and stop this from happening to other LGBTQ+ travellers in the future. So, I came up with the concept of starting a Travel Club, with the aim of helping the LGBTQ+ travellers find or locate as much travel information as possible within one online place. So, this led to me thinking that this could then create an online LGBTQ+ travel community, a safe space to meet and share travel stories, wether positive or negative. Then it occurred to me, that many businesses struggle to interact with our communities, so I then expanded the concept to allow travel based businesses to interact with the online LGBTQ+ travel communities. I wanted to bring both worlds into the same space.

The reason this has taken me so long to execute, is purely down to bad decisions when it came to choosing a web developer, and I believe this has cost me over 5 years in time, and in excess of £5,000 in hard earned cash. So, in the end, I decided to teach myself how to build my own website using WordPress, and during the Pandemic Lockdown, I built my new and much improved LGBT Travel Club website, which I am extremely proud of www.lgbttravelclub.co.uk

So, with this website, I invite all LGBTQ+ travellers to sign up for free, and share their travel stories. Here, you can meet old friends, make new friends, blog and vlog, create travel groups, join travel groups, participate in forum discussions, find current deals and special offers, see what is going on via the events page, and most importantly, contribute to the news feed (just like with Facebook).

We have Meetup Groups, where we will list potential Group Travel, but everything can be found, in greater depth, on this website.

Feedback is always important, so please feel free to let me know your thoughts, and I always appreciate constructive criticism.

Overall, this site is a safe space for everyone who identifies as LGBTQ+ and Everyone Is Welcome.

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