LGBTQ+ Travel – Home or Abroad in 2021?

With the Government announcing that it has approved the roll out of the Covid Vaccine, will this have any affect on your decision making when it comes to travel in 2021? Do you think, with the Vaccine, this will make traveling abroad safer?

With many countries still having archaic laws which state that being LGBTQ+ is illegal, and often punishable by death or a lengthy prison sentence, and certain countries, like Poland, who have started introducing LGBTQ+ free areas or zones, will Covid be one more factor that will influence your decision when it comes to travel?

It deeply saddens me that in these times, we still have to worry about how individuals will react to who we are. This is never a choice, we are born the person we believe we are. I don’t think I have ever attacked anyone either verbally or physically for being heterosexual. Why would I? So why is it so hard for certain people to see this point when the shoe is on the other foot?

Getting back to the question in hand, I think that for me, 2021 will be the year I explore more of the UK, with the possibility of traveling to France and possibly Croatia. The UK is such a beautiful country, despite the weather, which as we know, is so very hit and miss. You certainly cannot follow what the weather forecasters predict as gospel.

I would love to know what you are thinking when it comes to travel in 2021! This will then help us, the LGBT Travel Club, to ensure that we are catering to everyone’s needs when it comes to group travel.

Did you know, that as a member of the LGBT Travel Club, you can create your own Travel Group(s), and also Forums? This will then allow you to find travel companions, post photos and itineraries and create discussions.

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