Support LGBTQ+ Friendly Businesses.

There are so many factors to think about when it comes to deciding where to travel. Currently, COVID-19 is making travel impossible, whilst at the same time, decimating the travel industry. Hundreds of millions of pounds has been lost and thousands of businesses have had to shut their doors for the very last time. Whilst the UK has decided to leave Europe, this should not affect people’s decisions about traveling here. The biggest bug bear when it comes to the UK, is the weather. That said, if you are not a sun worshipper, then this should not make any difference when it comes to decision making. I feel it is my duty, to try and persuade people to choose a Staycation over a Vacation, and support local businesses within the UK.

I would also like to appeal to all the LGBTQ+ influencers out there to think very carefully about how you negotiate when it comes to the Travel Industry. Personally, I support the concept but I do think that in these uncertain times, think long term over short term. Many smaller businesses need the exposure but don’t necessarily have the financial backing that would enable them to hire an influencer. We should all be supporting each other, not just through these horrendous times with COVID. Like wedding vows, “for better, for worse”.

If you are an Influencer, I would love to hear from you and your thoughts on the current situation and how this is / has affected your business.

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